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Shipping globally, working locally

Due to its global expertise in maritime transport, the CMA CGM Group brings its clients a seamless shipping experience truly unmatched on the market. Combining efficiency, reliability and a global network of experts and agencies, CMA CGM Group offers unique cargo solutions to your business needs.

Present in over 160 countries through 755 agencies and 34 000 employees and a diverse fleet of 509 vessels. CMA CGM servs 420 of the world's 521 commercial ports and operates on more than 200 shipping lines.

Our vision : Shipping the Future

With the nomination of Rodolphe Saadé as Chairman & CEO and the launch of OCEAN ALLIANCE, the largest shipping alliance ever created, the CMA CGM Group started a new era based on 4 strategic pillars:

  • Customer-Centricity

    By listening closely to our customers and anticipating their needs, we are able to provide them with innovative partnerships and intelligent solutions for a smooth and serene cargo experience.

  • Maritime, Inland and Logisitics development

    In order to take care of our customers and their cargo from end-to-end, we try to constantly simplify and optimize their container shipping and transport right across their supply chain.

  • Innovation & Digitalization

    Through made-to-measure products, value-added services, cutting-edge eco-technologies, state-of-the-art digitalization and start-up support & incubation, we tend to deliver an outstanding customer experience to our customers.

  • Agile Organization & Human Expertise

    We tend to nurture and develop our expert teams in-house, at sea and on-the-ground, but also actively encourage our employees to take initiatives and innovate, because their talent is our expertise.

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Key values : Brought to life by all our collaborators

CMA CGM’s Group is proud to defined itself as a family business built on strong human values. Our corporate culture has become a tangible asset for our employees and our customers. The CMA CGM spirit is a passion and commitment founded on those 4 key values written in our Code of Ethics and brought to life by each member of our team daily:

  • Boldness: Go beyond the limits
  • Initiative: Dare in order to progress
  • Imagination: Constantly adapt to be the best in our field.
  • Integrity: Continually strive for sustainable prosperity.

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An Entrepreneur vision leading to a unique business adventure

Back in 1978, Jacques Saadé had a real business vision: he anticipated the revolutionary potential of the container for international trade. To support his idea, he created the Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement.

The fast development of the company proved him right in many ways. From one ship, four employees, among whom Farid Salem, and a single maritime link between Beirut, Latakia, Livorno and Marseille, CMA became in a few decades one of the world’s leading container shipping and transport groups, operating 509 vessels from 420 ports in 160 countries and managing 34,000 dedicated employees working out of 755 offices worldwide.

Jacques Saadé’s boldness, initiative, imagination and integrity drove the company to success and these characteristics became through the years the core values of CMA CGM’s corporate culture.

In 1986, CMA extended its navigational routes from Northern Europe to Asia, and by 1992, it had opened its first office in China. In 2018, following the 2017 ratification of OCEAN ALLIANCE, the largest shipping alliance ever and the nomination of Rodolphe Saadé as the Group’s Chairman & CEO, the Group celebrated its 40th anniversary with the launch of a new series of global initiatives.

Pioneering partnerships, eco-innovations, customer-centric products and cutting-edge digitalization... The new strategic orientation is leading CMA CGM to even greater heights. With agility and expertise, our experts are simplifying and optimizing the entire shipping experience to provide our customers a seamless maritime, ports and logistics service into the future.

Through real business ethics, an active Foundation and a truly engaging environmental pact, CMA CGM strive to improve lives and protect the planet every day. As a leading group in the shipping industry, we need to be a model for sustainable global prosperity. At CMA CGM, we are Shipping the Future.

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Key figures

With a presence in 160 countries through 755 agencies, 34,000 employees and a wide fleet of 509 vessels, CMA CGM serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports and operates on more than 200 shipping lines. Today, the Group is reinventing the entire shipping experience to provide a seamless maritime, ports and logistics service that exceeds all expectations.

  • Worldwide
  • 160 countries
  • 755 agencies
  • 34 000 employees
  • Global Revenue
  • 21.1 billion (in USD)
  • Shipping
  • 509 vessels
  • 420 ports (out of 521 worldwide)
  • 200 shipping lines
  • 18.95 million TEUs (volume transported)
  • 2.53 million (fleet’s slot capacity in TEUs]
  • Brands & Subsidiaries
  • APL in Singapore
  • ANL in Oceania
  • CNC in the Intra-Asia market
  • MacAndrews and Containerships in Europe
  • Comanav in North Africa
  • CMA Ships for vessel and crew management (Maintenance, supplies, shipbuilding projects etc.)
  • CMA Terminals & Terminals Link (Terminal construction, acquisition and operation)
  • CMA CGM LOG (Integrated global logistics solutions around the world.)

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For more information, please visit our corporate website.