EDI : the right solution to easily access to accurate and quality data.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange - simplifies the daily sharing of data by creating an efficient connection between the customer’s system and CMA CGM system.

How does it work?

EDI Schema

EDI allows the exchange of documents between two companies via electronic means.

EDI set up doesn't require any change in your process. It will simply switch from paper documents to electronic ones by separating each stream if needed.

The solution streamlines the sending and receipt of your data such as Booking Requests and confirmations, Original BL, Container tracking, Schedules...

This results in an increased efficiency for all transactional processes, thus bringing compelling advantages.

EDI advantages

datais more secure and reliable

betterefficiency & productivity

data sharingis simplified

costsare reduced

Is EDI a solution for you?

  • you spend a lot of time in manual and repetitive data entry
  • you usually make several modifications in your data
  • you have an efficient system for sending data
  • you handle everyday numerous files in your shipping process

Then, EDI is what you need!

More information about EDI Formats tables

Standardized EDI Formats, given by default, can be adapated and personalized according to your needs.

Products Description EDIFACT ANSI
SCHEDULE Schedules updated on a daily basis IFTSAI 323
BOOKING REQUEST Booking request IFTMBF 300
SHIPPING ORDER Specific format for Booking IFTMINB
BOOKING CONFIRMATION Booking confirmation (including any change or cancellation IFTMBC 301
SHIPPING INSTRUCTION Sending of Shipping Instruction enabling BL establishment IFTMIN 304
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Acknowlegement of received format CONTROL
BL DATA BL Information IFTMCS 310
BL PDF Electronic BL under PDF Format
CONTAINER TRACKING Container movements IFTSTA 315
ETA UPDATE Estimated date and time of vessel arrival IFTSTA 315
INVOICE Electronic Invoice IFTFCC

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