Control your shipment lifecycle

CMA CGM solutions offer visibility and control of your shipments throughout the whole transport chain. With a clear understanding of the shipment lifecycle, you can easily plan your transport with our online solutions.

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Getting familiar with the shipment lifecycle


  1. Shipper Warehouse: Start point of the container
  2. Multimodal transport of the container to Port of Loading
  3. Loading of the container on board


  1. Download of the container at the Port of Discharge
  2. Multimodal transport of the container to its final destination
  3. Unloading of the container at the consignee warehouse

Planning your shipment: all the steps

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Find your transport solutions easily with our eBusiness tools:

  • Pick your Place of Loading (POL) and Place of Delivery (POD) with our Routing Finder to find out available voyages
  • Learn all the information you need about a specific voyage with our Voyage Finder
  • Check the schedules for any port or country with our Port Schedules tool.

And with a Registered Account, you can add any service, voyage, or port as a favourite.


Registered Customers only: Your hassle-free online booking solution tool, a virtual repository of your bookings and providing real-time status updates/alerts.

Shipping Instructions

Registered Customers only: File your Shipping Instructions online and on-time! Also providing repository options to re-trigger your frequent shipment’s information helping save your valuable time & ensuring error free documentation!

BL Approval

Registered Customers only: Approve and modify your drafts online. Your modifications will be submitted by email directly to the agent who manages your draft. Find the history of your drafts with their different status and modification requested.

Bill of Lading

Registered Customers only: Print Export & Import documents online in the comfort of your office via the secure environment facilitated by CMA CGM online services !

Import Documents

Registered Customer only: Use our powerful document Dashboard and notification tool to get your import documents earlier than ever.

Shipment Follow up

Registered Customers only: With your personal eServices account, you have access to different functionalities to manage your shipments. Have a global vision in your shipments and on actions to be taken on it using the eServices Dashboard, Booking folder, Favorites and Alerts.


Using container tracking you will connect on line 24/7 with your box. You will retrieve one or several containers and their respective moves, accessible in the public platform and the private platform. Subscribe to notifications, you will be informed of allyour shipment status.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support