Lines & Services Flyers

You will find hereunder illustrated and comprehensive commercial descriptions of our Lines & Services and service offer by country or by trade, downloadable in PDF format. For complementary descriptions of our inland and intermodal solutions, please click here.

Service name Service Description
ACSA 1 Asia-Central & South America
ACSA 2 Asia-Central & South America
ACSA 3 Asia-Central & South America
ACSA 5 Asia - Central & South America
ACSA SERVICES ECUADOR Ecuador to the Far East
AMAZONIA SHUTTLE Kingston - Port of Spain - Vila do Conde
AMERICAS North America EC to Central and South America WC
AMERIGO USA-Mediterranean
ATLANTICO FEEDER Dedicated service to Colombia & Venezuela
AZTECA US West Coast to West Coast of South America
BEX - Bosphorus Express Asia - Black Sea & Turkey
BOHAI Asia - North America West Coast
BRAZEX US - Caribbean - ECSA
CAGEMA North America East Coast - South America East Coast
CALIFORNIA BRIDGE North Europe - US West Coast
CARIFEED Weekly service dedicated to Haiti
CIMEX 1 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2CS Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2E Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2K Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2K2 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 2N Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 5 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 6 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 7 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 8 Asia - Middle East
CIMEX 9 Asia - Iran
COTE D'IVOIRE Connecting the world from and to Cote d'Ivoire
Connecting the world from and to Oceania NEMO and PAD services
ECS North Europe - Central America
EPIC 1 North Europe - ISC
EPIC 1 NORTH EUROPE TO RED SEA North Europe to King Abdullah and Djibouti
EPIC 2 North Europe - ISC
EPIC 2 NORTH EUROPE TO GULF AND RED SEA North Europe to Gulf and Red Sea
EUROSAL XL North Europe - South America
FAL 1 Asia - North Europe
FAL 2 Asia - North Europe
FAL 3 Asia - North Europe
FAL 3 - Focus Middle East North Europe - Middle East
FAL 5 Asia - North Europe
FAL 6 Asia - North Europe
FAL 7 Asia - North Europe
FAL SEA NE South East Asia - North Europe
GABON Connecting the world from and to Gabon
GEX Far East - North America
GUYANAS Service dedicated to Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana
Group Asia Feeder - Bay of Bengal Bay of Bengal
HBB Asia - North America West Coast
HIX Asia - North America West Coast
INCA SHUTTLE Weekly fixed-day service dedicated to West Coast South America
INDAMEX ISC-Middle East-Med-US East Coast
INDIAMED India - Mediterranean
INDIGO Mexico & Jamaica - Cuba
INTRA AMERICA SERVICES Intra America & Caribbean
JAX Asia - North America West Coast
JDX Far East - North America
KENYA Connecting the world to Kenya
KINGSTON SOLUTIONS All our feedering solutions in the Caribbean
LEVANT EXPRESS North Europe - Levant area
LIBERTY BRIDGE North Europe - US East Coast
MADAGASCAR Connecting the world to Madagascar
MADAGASCAR EXPORT Madagascar Exports to the world
MALDIVES IMPORT Connecting the world to Maldives
MAPUTO CORRIDOR SHAKA MOZEX An innovative way to serve Johannesburg market from Asia
MARMARA EXPRESS West Med - Greece - Turkey
MED AMERICAS Med-Caribbean, Mexican Gulf and WCSA
MED CANADA Mediterranean - Canada
MEDEX Middle East Gulf and Subcontinent - West Mediterranean
MEGEM Middle East Gulf and East Mediterranean
MEX 1 Mediterranean Sea - Middle East Gulf - Asia
MEX 2 Med - Middle East Gulf - Asia
MONA EXPRESS Dedicated service to/from Massawa and Berbera
MOZAMBIQUE Connecting the world to Mozambique
NEFGUI North Continent to Leeward Islands, French Guiana, North Brazil
NEFWI North Europe - French Atlantic Coast - French West Indies
NEMO North Europe - Oceania
NIGERIA Connecting the world to Nigeria
NWX - Northwest Express Far East - North America
PANAMA DIRECT Europe - US West Coast - Oceania
PEX 2 Asia - Mexico and the Caribbean
PHOEX Phoenician Express - Asia - Adriatic Sea
PRX - Pearl Asia - North America West Coast
PSX Far East - North America
REUNION Indian Ocean hub
REX 1 Asia - North Red Sea
REX 2 Far East - North Red Sea (REX 2)
REX 3 Far East - Red Sea
RUFEX (+ Intermodal solutions) Russia - Far East
SAINT LAURENT North Europe - Canada
SAX - South Atlantic Express Asia - US East Coast
SCS Far East - North America
SEAS 1 Asia - East Coast South America
SEAS 2 Asia - South America East Coast
SOUTH AFRICA Direct services to and from Southern Africa
SSL EUROPE Short Sea lines
SSL MED GLOBAL Short Sea Mediterranean Lines - Global
TURAF EXPRESS Turkey - North Africa
UK EXPRESS North Brazil to Europe Reefer Peak Season Service
VICTORY BRIDGE North Europe - US East Coast, US Gulf & Mexico