Inland Solutions: Intermodal Services and Transports

The CMA CGM Group is the 4th largest shipping organization in the world. We shine at sea with our powerful fleet, but we also excel in inland transport solutions.
In addition to our maritime offer, we provide you with a comprehensive door-to-door service for seamless continental connections with rail, road or barges 1st class vendors and offer you a safe multi-modal solution up to the very last miles.

One-stop shop for tailor-made solutions

 Tailor-made solutions Everywhere in the world, in all CMA CGM 750 agencies, our teams are available to provide you with the intermodal solutions best suited to meet your specific requirements; including the organized pick-up and delivery of cargo, minimized delays, optimized safety and security of transport conditions.

Door-to-door solutions worldwide

 Door-to-door solutions We have heavily invested in our own barges, land based infrastructures, ports, inland terminals and intermodal transportation systems across the globe to create a highly efficient inland network.

Optimized and eco-logical routes

 Ecological routesWith optimized intermodal routing and outstanding port range, you can load or discharge your cargo closer to its point of origin or destination – minimizing the length of the landside transport leg.
It will result in time savings and costs reduction for your cargo, but will also reduce your general carbon footprint.

The Through Bill of Lading Service or TBL

By using a single document for your transport at sea and on land, the Through Bill of Lading or TBL, CMA CGM controls all your shipping, trucking, and transit formalities and tracks each and every consignment to ensure safe, prompt delivery. With the TBL CMA CGM takes full responsibility for the safe shipment of cargo whether it has to move by road, rail, or waterway, no matter how many different stages it has to go through before it reaches its final destination.

CMA CGM can also provide you the service of its logistics subsidiaries CMA CGM Logistics or CEVA.

 CMA CGM LOG CMA CGM Logistics: With its international network, considerable expertise and great flexibility, CMA CGM Logistics offers you a complete range of complementary services to optimize your costs and your logistics flows and to look after your cargo right across the supply chain.
Our expert CMA CGM teams and logistics partners work closely with you to ensure the highest quality of service and an outstanding customer experience from the moment we pick-up your cargo to delivery and clearance.

 CEVA CEVA: CEVA Logistics makes business flow. As one of the world’s leading non-asset-based supply chain management companies, CEVA Logistics designs and implements industry-leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics.
Thanks to 42,000 dedicated employees, working in 17 regional clusters around the globe, CEVA Logistics delivers operational excellence to provide viable answers to the most challenging supply chain questions for automotive, consumer & retail, energy, healthcare, industrial & aerospace and technology sectors.
CMA CGM Group has been CEVA Logistics’ reference shareholder since its listing on the SIX stock exchange in May 2018, and now owns 33% of the capital. We signed a new relationship agreement on Wednesday October 24th to reinforce the industrial cooperation between our two companies, in order to make it possible for CEVA Logistics to accelerate its transformation.
We are transporting the whole shipping and transport chain into the future.

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